Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mood yang tidak menyenangkan :p

As Salam ... Apa khabar semua ? rasanya dah sebulan qisti tak update blog . Kesibukan yang melampau . Akhir - akhir ni qisti takde moood lah . entahlah tak tahu kenapa .Assignment banyak , hafazan ada sedikit tertinggal , dan macam - macam lagilah . Maaflah ok , memang dah lama sangat tak kongsi cerita dengan sahabat yang disayangi dalam blog ni . Nanti kalau ada masa yang terluang qisti akan update apa yang qisti buat atau lakukan sepanjang qisti cuti ok . InsyaAllah . heeee , curi masa jap update blog , padahal ngah buat assignment qiraat . As Salam .

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

YOU , Couldn't be MINE

My words desert me
So anything can hurt me without you
Just the little things get to me
You're here to help me up the mountain
So what happens now
There is no lack in fight or love for you
It doesn't matter what anyone says
There is only a few who really speak up
When they do they are just jealous of the passion that we share . . .

I had to change
i had to climb up that hill that i've been at the bottom for so long
For no longer will I stay behind that glass door
Where no one can see the part of me that makes me , me . .
Before you everyone saw the reflection of who i am
Now when i'm with you they see the real me
Thats why I LOVE YOU
You're the one that gave me courage and the strength
To smash the glass door and step itto the light with you

Or that wase the case a few months ago
But ,
From the sound of my heart breaking
Your voice only telling it that you love her
And that you don't love me comes
The tears of loneliness
I couldn't change it you were going to break my heart
I already knew
Before you whispered into my soul that night on the floor
Every night could be a fantasy for you and me
Only if you would give me a chance
For this is only my second dance
My heart was unprepared to be hit with a ton of bricks
My heart and body hurt from the trauma
My eyes hurt from the tears i've cried

I can't fight this feeling
This feeling of worthlessness and lonesome
I want to be in your arms
I want to see the blue eyes glisten into MINE
I want to feel your kiss
I need to hear your charming voice saying that you love me
I will get over you
Even though I have slid back to the bottom
Of that hill I just got done climbing
I will make it to top

Because i will die standing on my feet
Rather then live of my knees
Because you simply COULDN'T BE MINE . . .

Muhammad Qisti Raid :)